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LSR Tax Schedule Of Services & Products

LSR Tax Schedule Of Services & Products. Lawrence S. Rachmel, C.P.A..

Income Tax Preparation

Individual, Partnership & Corporate tax returns are prepared in a timely manner. Tax return preparation includes Federal and State (all states) returns, Estimated Tax vouchers as well as all necessary schedules. Please download our free Tax Organizer, which is specific to the Trucking Industry to help gather the proper tax information.

Tax Projections

Tax projections can be done anytime throughout the year to estimate tax liability. This allows for tax planning, estimated tax payments and cash flow requirements.

Bookkeeping Service 

We offer monthly and quarterly bookkeeping service which includes preparation of a General Ledger, Statement of Assets & Liabilities – Income Tax Basis, Statement of Revenue and Expenses – Income Tax Basis. We also provide quarterly estimated tax vouchers, annual tax projection, tax planning, in-office visits or phone appointments. We advise on business decisions, such as equipment purchase and incorporating vs sole proprietorship. We provide a checklist of required information we need sent in each month. Traverse City Probate Lawyer

Corporate and LLC Formation

We help to determine which entity is best. We are able to do formations in all states. Our service includes checking name availability, preparation and filing of Articles, preparation and filing of SS-4 Form for new Federal ID number, preparation and filing of Form 2553 – Sub S Status (if applicable), obtaining Seal and Kit which is needed for maintaining required business documents.

IRS Representation

We are able to assist with tax controversies that contractors may be faced with now or in the future such as IRS audit representation, filing of back tax returns and negotiating payment arrangements on tax liabilities. IRS representation can be handled regardless of contractor’s state of residence.

New Business Start-up Consultation

There are many factors to consider and many pitfalls to be avoided when just starting out or when making the initial decision to become an owner-operator or independent contractor. We offer a “New Business Start-up Consultation” which is done over the telephone or in person. During the consultation we do an analysis of your particular circumstances and options. We answer any questions you may have and give you our professional recommendations based on your individual situation.

Customer Service

We are a customer-focused company with over 25 years of experience in the trucking industry.  Our office is open Monday through Friday and Saturdays by appointment. Clients are able to call us toll free from anywhere in the U.S. and may also E-mail or Fax us 24 hours a day.