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Roster of Services Offered

Roster of Services Offered. Lawrence S. Rachmel, C.P.A..

Tax Preparation

  1. Fully Computerized
  2. Estimated Tax Computation and Vouchers
  3. Truckers Downloadable Tax Organizers

Business Entity Determination

  1. Sole Proprietorship vs S Corporation vs LLC vs Partnership
  2. Completion and filing of all documents required to create your Corporation or LLC

Bookkeeping and Payroll

  1. Monthly or Quarterly Financial Statements
  2. Payroll
    1. Computations
    2. Quarterly Tax Returns
    3. Annual Tax Returns – W2s

IRS Matters

  1. Audit Representation
  2. Collection Problems
  3. Filing of Back Tax Returns
  4. Installment Agreements
  5. Offer in Compromise